Saturday, July 3, 2010

Challenge #1

The Scene:
Three men are sitting at a bar in a seedy, rundown room. One is wearing a black trench coat. The second is wearing a pair of overalls. The third is wearing a uniform. You must address these three items: Where are they, what is going on and why are where they are?

The Rules:
1. You must use 1st person point of view.

2. You may use one of the three characters as your POV character but no character already in the room other than the three can be used for POV. Other people can be there and interact but not as the POV Character.
3. You can bring in a fourth character from the outside and use that as your POV if you like but if you do it must be a woman and she must be in need of help in some way, trivial or otherwise.
4. At some point the following phrase must be used: "You want ice for that?"

You need at least 500 hundred words to do this justice. I'm betting you get more.

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