Friday, July 16, 2010

Challenge #17

The Scene:

Midnight. Wind howls through the eaves of the house. Trees sway and creak as rain lashes them, tearing leaves and throwing them to the ground. Lightning streaks across the black sky and thunder shakes the ground and rattles the windows in their frames.

A woman stares into the night through an upstairs window. Something streaks across the lawn. A sound of glass breaking is heard downstairs.

The Rules:
  1. What is going on? Where are they? Why are they where they are?
  2. You must use 3rd person POV.
  3. You do not have to introduce any other characters but if you do, it must be a male.
  4. You must use the word gossamer.
  5. You must have a candelabra in the scene.
  6. You should strive for 1000 words.

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