Friday, July 9, 2010

Challenge #9

The Scene:

A man with a back pack hikes a narrow path along the side of a mountain. The path is precarious in places and there are rock falls as well as lookout points. It is a well worn path. Far below is a small village or town. Darkness is approaching. A dog walks ahead of him. He hears a noise and looks back.

The Rules:

1.You must use 1st person POV. The POV character must be the person in the above scene.

4. You must introduce at least one character and no more than three. One must be a male.

5. There is an axe in this scene and a some type of fire.

6. Someone must mention a scientific experiment. You can google "famous scientific experiments" for help.

7. You must use the phrase: "It is a short trip to town from here."

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