Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Good Story?

For the last couple of days, I've managed to get some work done on my Anthology story. I'm in a major overhaul after I had another writer/reader review it. I want a second edit when I get this done and for that, I've got two people lined up to edit it before it goes to the last round.

I really hate this story. Seriously. I've never written from the antagonist viewpoint before, not in this manner. The whole story is from his POV and it is really hard to write that way. 

It is so negative, too. I have been editing the other stories and they're pretty good. Some funny, some sweet, some happy. This is a black story and I feel a bit like a fish out of water. I don't know if anyone will like it either. I'm okay with that. My opinion is that all writing is a learning experience and not wasted. 

I'm probably going to be crucified in reviews. 

If so, I'm in good company. 

I want to write something else, now. I want to work on two other stories I have and get them finished. After this anthology is done, my plan (help me, God) is to structure my writing times again, as I did earlier this year before my life got derailed for the nth time. I found it was working really well and I'm itching to get back to that schedule. 

Why don't I do it now? Funny you should ask that. I'm am in the midst of a very bad fibro flare that won't seem to quit. Or I'm dealing with some severe sleep apnea. Yes, Chris, I called the sleep clinic and got someone this morning. They said they'd get back with me! Really. I've emailed my RA doctor and asked her to take care of it.

The fun part of this is I have a really cool cover.. not that I need it. We have a good photographer in the group who agreed to get cover shots. My story is only a short story and doesn't need a cover. This is just for my ego. 


  1. I like the cover - and looking forward to the story.

  2. *crossing my arms* Nice cover. Sounds like a great story. I will wait to uncross my arms until that RA doctor takes care of that sleep study.


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