Wednesday, November 18, 2015

From the Bottom Up

I've had a busy few weeks. Writing has been going well, too well. I was actually two days ahead a couple of times. Did I say it was going too well?

Sarah got sick with a bug and missed two days of school. Still was able to write but I had problems with my computer suddenly crashing and giving me BSODs*. Things were not working well.

So, I decided to reload to factory settings. Easy job, takes a day. Flip a switch and boom. Reload software and ready to roll.  I'm ahead, so no big deal. Right?

No. Reset, reloaded. Wouldn't update. Things that did work before didn't. Reloaded. Things that worked the first time wouldn't the second. RELOADED! Things just got worse.

So, I think my laptop hard drive failed. At least I think it is the hard drive. I hope it is the hard drive because I bought one. It arrived today. I have to put it in tomorrow. Then..I have to load it. If I can get the drive installed. There is a story there, but I'm too tired to write it tonight.

I'm not behind. I'm not ahead. I still can use the desktop to write, but I can't leave my house to go to write-ins. I didn't write much today because I've been rather tired and I did some editing for a friend this morning. Now, all I really want to do is go to bed.

Maybe tomorrow things will start looking up. I mean, they have to if you're in a hole, right?

*Blue screen of death

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