Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Buckle Up, We're Going to Crash

I don't know why things happen the way they do or why they happen when they do. I just know it is darned inconvenient. I was working on a couple of items, my anthology story, a power point presentation on Character Development, and the recent NaNo novel, All That's Holy. My laptop virtually exploded.

I said virtually. The screen went blank and the thing was making a noise like those seat belt warning buzzers in an old Plymouth. The system crashed, but I had to remove the battery to shut it down. Unplugging and turning it off didn't work. By then it was so hot I had to set it down. Once it cooled, it wouldn't come on. I just put a brand new hard drive in it three weeks ago. I'm annoyed.

But I've calmed down and ordered a new laptop today. I'm just glad I have my trusty desktop. I don't care what they say, desktops are still more reliable. I've been having some issues with it, too. I just discovered today that my suspicion was correct; the hard drive has some bad sectors. The one from
the laptop is small but after having researched, I find I can put it in the desktop! If it wasn't damaged in the crash.

Because of the above events, I've been unable to do any writing. In fact, Grammarly sent me an email to say I haven't written anything all week. Ya think? It was going very well, too.

I did get the laundry sorted thanks to my friend, Sue who came and helped me wash, fold, hang, and put away six loads. When I have problems with pain and fatigue, I simply can't get it all put away because the very act of sorting, folding, and hanging creates severe pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. So, it usually piles up in the spare room. I do a little here and there. but it is never finished before I have to wash the next three loads. Since David and his family will be here Saturday for the holiday, I had to get it all done. And it feels wonderful.

Now, I'm going to just attempt to get some things done before this desktop crashes again. On second thought, I'm going to take a nap.


  1. Exploded sounds accurate. Thee are a number of things that come to mind but would leave the new hard drive intact. I'm praying it remains fully operational! I would suggest the freebie couple of gigs on Dropbox or some other cloud for the irreplaceable. I've been known not only to do that, but to use a jump drive for stuff. Prays for the salvage process!!

  2. I hope you manage to get all the computer stuff sorted out without losing anything and good to hear you have some help. Laundry can be a nightmare if it piles up and I swear dirty clothes multiply in the washing basket! I hope you got your nap and it helped.


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