Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Confessions #1

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I did not write this week. I could tell you that things interfered. They did. I had sleep problems for a couple of nights and spent most of the following day trying to either stay awake or napping. I had to beat back some of the laundry and I nearly finished it. Of course, I have more to do. There has to be an easier way!

Wednesday I spent cutting the yard, trimming some bushes, and weed trimming. It cost me another day, well, nearly two since it took a day and a half to recover sufficiently to become mobile. I am still sore in some places but it is manageable.

The good part is that I spent the most of my downtime reading this week reading. Some pleasure reading but I finished the Story Structure Architect and started The Story Grid - writing books. I bought the Story Grid last week and it came in this past week. I'll put a review on Goodreads when I'm done. Story Structure Architect is really a good book I got free several years ago and should have read then. Many things would have been better.

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Story Structure Architect, by Victoria Schmidt, gave me a very clear view of story structure and the various types of structures and what they contain. It is not a "novel" or a book to entertain. It is instructional and you'd do well to approach it that way. Some of the reviews called it boring but I'd say those are folks looking for a nice neat formula to write a story. There isn't one but this book clearly outlines the different structures, which in many ways is actually a formula, or maybe form is a more accurate word. I have the Kindle version I got free during a giveaway. If you're a note taker I would suggest that you spring for the actual physical book. There is so much here and referencing it on Kindle... well, for me it is a pain. I made over 200 notations and finding what I want again on Kindle is going to be a nuisance.

So, that is how my week played out. I feel lousy today with the weather. We've had storms all night and as usual, my joints are not at all happy. I love storms, always have, but my body does not. I'd like to get some writing done today if possible but I have so much still to do. I drafted Sarah to help with the housework. This morning I made beds, hung her clothes while she cleaned sinks and toilets and put away her legging, undies, and socks. She's gone for a while and I've got more laundry washing and have the tub soaking in cleaner for me to clean. Ugh!

I have a lot of pain in my neck and back today and a horrible case of indigestion that nothing is helping. So, I think it is time I signed off and got busy.

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