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This page contains links to items and web pages that I've found most useful in developing my skill in writing. Please feel free to visit them. If you re-post the information, please give those sites the credit by using the links to the original websites and not this page. 

Handouts For Writing Seminar: 

From a Paper Doll to a Person - Creating Characters With Depth: A Powerpoint Presentation  (This presentation is unavailable for now. Keep watching)

The following links are handouts for the above presentation.

Handout #1  --  
What Makes A Good Character - Handout #1 for Creating Characters with Depth presentation.

Handout #2
Baptism In the Basement

Handout #3
Character Interview - 100 Question  I've had this form for years and I've never known where it came from or who developed it. If you know, please contact me with the information so I can give them credit.

Handout #4
Links used in From a Paper Doll to a Person

If you find a link that doesn't work, please leave me a note in the comments.


Writing Websites:

Character Traits - I ran across this in my research and it is a great resource. Fill in the blanks and press process and you get a printable chart of all your data. You can utilize this with the 100 Question Interview and you'll know more about your character than you do your significant other.

Fiction Writer's Character Chart - The author of this form and their website is noted at the bottom of each page.  

Epiguide Character Chart - I stumbled across this in my research.

Creating the Book Bible
Character Development
    Developing Your Craft

    Editing & Revision

    Get Paid to Write & Contest
    Horror Writing

    Managing Your Writing 

    Podcast, Seminars & Lectures - Oh my! 


    POV (Point of View)

    Scrivener Tutorials

    Writer's Block

    World Building

    Writing Apps & Resources

    Writing Sites of Interest

    Writing Ideas & Prompts
    Finally, I encourage you to check out this site if worksheets help you. You will have to sign up for the site and join the Coterie but there is no charge and she has some absolutely wonderful worksheets.

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