Sunday, February 6, 2011

Challenge #37

300 A Night

This challenge was devised by my writing friend, Doug, when we went to lunch one day. We do lunch periodically to talk about writing. Because we are both in the throes of chaotic life, we are having a difficult time writing. After discussing how much NaNoWriMo helped, no forced us to stay on track and keep writing, Doug suggested something similar but more managable in the short term.

The Challenge is to write a minimum of 300 words every night for a set number of nights. We chose 10 consecutive nights beginning February 1st. We have a writer's meeting on the 10th and thought we could use what we come up with for a critique.

You should not attempt to write more. If you go over it doesn't actually matter but the idea is to stop as close to 300 as possible so you won't burn out at the end.

What I discovered was that I usually did go over and had to make myself stop. However, the next night was much easier. The second night even more so.

With luck, in ten days I'll have approximately 3000 words. Maybe they won't all be good words but I'm guessing there will be some useful one in there somewhere.

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