Monday, March 19, 2018

Morning Routine and A Cat Story

I'm at the computer this morning preparing to write something. Well, this post but other things, too. I've read my Bible, put away some laundry, put another load on to wash, have one more to wash but may wait till tomorrow to do that one. I've swept Sarah's room and I made my bed before she went to school.It is just now 9:30! I'm not as tired today as I have been but then it comes and goes so who knows what the day will hold.

I went to church yesterday and was just so tired. Bishop stopped by my seat and prayed for me and I was able to stay and enjoy most of the service. I left just before it ended and came home. So, an auspicious start to the week.

Today I'd like to work on one of my novels. I've decided to just let one of them give me a shout out and see who wants attention. Maybe I'll be more productive. I'm nearly done with ... I don't know what you call it. I've been developing the environment, leadership, and religion of All That's Holy. I need to see the landscape and I need to clearly understand the role of the monarchy with the religious order in place. Several wars have resulted in an interesting structure. So, that's helped a bit. Now I know more about why.

Have you done your taxes? I haven't either. I need to get started but I still have some paperwork to pull and I really can't be fatigued when I start processing that stuff. I hate filing and I don't actually have to file but I usually get a few hundred bucks back so that's the light bill one month.

I'm in very little pain today compared to last week. The foot is improving a bit but I've been very careful to wear comfortable shoes or thick socks in the house. My knee... meh, I need to put medicine on it. The rest of me seems to be meh, too. I just thankful for the relief this morning. I was very depressed over the weekend and the fatigue just makes it much worse.

OK, I have a story to tell. It happened Saturday night.

The Case of the Cat in the Nighttime

I hate cats who get on counters and tables where I prepare and eat food. It is the main reason I never wanted cats, well, that and the litter box. Yuck. Sarah has a cat and being a cat, it is a constant source of annoyance. I keep bleach wipes on the counter because once dirty, catbox paws have been on the counter or tables we can't bear to think eating anything in contact with it. So, bleach wipes.

A week or so ago I read you can put double sided sticky tape on things you want to stop the cat from getting on. It said they don't like it on their paws. As someone who has fought with double-sided tape, I can understand that but cats are pretty persistent creatures. And I don't have any double-sided tape at the present time.

I have packing tape.

So, after screaming at the cat to get off my freshly cleaned table and counters, I decided I had nothing to lose. Saturday I got the packing tape and arranged it in stripes on the table and counter. Then I just went about the day. Once, Chaz hopped up on the table in the kitchen and managed to miss the tape. He stared at it but when he saw me, he jumped down and ran off. I was miffed.

The day wore on and wouldn't you know, this is the day he isn't going to break the rules. All. Day. Long.

At 11 p.m. I was sitting on the side of my bed making final preparations to go to bed. In the kitchen, I hear something whump, then a scrabbling and howl. Next, some wild yowling creature catapulted down the hall, running into Sarah's room.

I jumped up and running into the hallway I called, "CHAZ!"

He passed me on the way back up the hall and I chased him into the far corner of the den. He's shaking his hind leg and circling and there is the odd cellophane sound. I talked soothingly to him and bent down. Stuck to his back leg and balled up was the packing tape from the table. I took it off and he darted off back down the hallway.

I went to bed wondering what the morrow would bring and laughing.

There has been no packing tape on the table since Saturday night. I haven't caught him on it again. Of course, he could be getting on it at night. I'll be getting some double sided tape this week.

I'm laughing again. Cats are good for one thing - entertainment.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Withdrawal Symptoms

I've spent the evening shutting down some social media stuff. Got rid of Wattpad. I never used it and haven't been back in months. No use taking up space with a handful of short stories. I tried it. It wasn't for me.

Next, I signed off on my personal blog. I didn't delete it, I just think its time is over. Whatever is going on with me now is not worth blogging about anymore. I will stick with the writing blog and try to focus on more interesting topics rather than the disaster my health is having on my writing. Yeah. That should be interesting.

A few weeks ago I decided not to use G+ anymore other than to post announcements and blog posts. Once they changed the format a couple of years ago, I lost interest. I keep getting invitations from men who have either two first names or have the last name first and a first name last - a sure sign they're not who they are pretending to be. And if I get one more that tells me how beautiful I am and how I look like an angel and how they want to get to know me.... well, I may send them a photo of the real me. No, I won't post it here!

Anyway, I've cut things out. I know they say platform and branding and marketing but honestly, I'm not sold on it. Takes a lot of time and by the time I finish doing things to "grow" it, I'm too tired to write. And if I'm not writing, I have nothing for that platform. I just want to write. And I've left it so late.

I did get some time in pseudo-writing. That sounds really active, kind of like sumo wrestler. Believe me, it wasn't. I spent about an hour working on some material details about things in the story. I need this because I the organization is a major "character" in this story and until I understand how it works, I'm not much good writing about it. I've spent about three hours this week just working on that and on details about the realm. I figured out very quickly that I could get caught up in the world building but I think I'm done now. I want to get a friend to read over it and see if it hangs together. Then I've got a resource of sorts.

That's it for tonight. I've been really depressed all day and I think I need to go to bed.

Friday, March 16, 2018

You Want the Good News First or the Bad News?

Let's start with the bad news. The past week has been long and painful but it ends with less pain and a lot of indigestion (GERD). Go figure! The meds I take for my RA cause stomach irritation and I have to take meds for that or I'm really sick within 24 hours and it takes a couple of days to get it under control. Well, they just released a study that says prolonged use of the very thing I take for the GERD causes kidney damage. So, I'm thinking I can alternate maybe. You know, take it ever other day.

Uh.... no.

Now, I'm considering whether I can drop the anti-inflammatory med (the cause of the GERD) to once a day. This is not a decision I'm going to like, actually. I'll regret it in three days. Pain will probably escalate, no, not probably, it will escalate.

See, what most people don't know is that all those meds they give you to stop joint destruction and lower your immune response, they don't do a darn thing for the actual inflammation and the pain that resulting from that. At least, not for me they don't. I have to take an NSAID to prevent pain from the RA.

Yes, that's the same reaction I had when I realized it. How do I know? I know because I tried going off the NSAID only once and I've had to go off it several times for medical reason. It ain't no picnic, sugar. Tylenol(c) works pretty good but that causes liver damage with prolonged use.

So, at least I get a choice! Liver damage or kidney damage? Someone flip that coin, please.

The good news is that despite a sore foot, sore knee and two sore fingers and a lot of sleepiness, I was able to put in a few hours this week working on the story line to All That's Holy. I'm trying to workout the religious organization that has such a big part in the story and to get the relationships of the surronding provinces since they're involved it what is going on. Truthfully, I don't really know what's going on and this is an effort to clarify it for me.

Look, this is a NaNo novel so it was written very fast and although it is a really good story, it is much bigger than NaNo and the very act of writing a NaNo novel means there is a lot of things missing.

I'm rather happy I got to work on this much. I had planned to do some writing, because working on related things generates the desire to jump into the writing, but I simply had so much fatigue that I couldn't focus after an hour working with the background.

Not a horrible week. Not totally unproductive but I didn't do exactly what I wanted to do but not a total loss. I can live with that.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wake Up Call

It is amazing what a vitamin can do! There goes my sole exclamation point but I have to use it. Two weeks ago I remembered that I'd been without my D3 for at least 6weeks. I went out and picked some up and started taking 15,000 units a day. You may recall my boring post about my fatigue and brain fog overwhelming me.

I've been taking D3 for more than a decade and for about 5 years I've taken 10,000 units a day because that is the only way I could keep my levels at a normal level. Anything lower and I bottom out. This is due to the medications I take for my rheumatoid arthritis. Symptoms of D3 deficiency are numerous and you can Google them but believe me when I say they are profound. Everyone should insist on a blood test to check their levels. If you're below 30, that's too low. And I don't care what your doctor says! Do what it takes to get above that level. Increase your D and get regular blood work to monitor it. If your prescribed dose doesn't raise it, increase your dose anyway.

I digress.

So, two weeks of D3 and the fog has mostly cleared and the fatigue is now at a manageable level, not gone but not overwhelming me to the point I fall into a deep sleep in 30 seconds after sitting down. I'm not joking here. I was sleeping close to 12 hrs a day. I couldn't sit down or I'd fall asleep in minutes, despite my efforts to stay awake.

In fact, the improvement is so profound that I've got all laundry washed, dried and have only two loads left to put away. Three days ago, I had about 5 loads that needed putting away and 4 to wash. Yes, that's a lot for two people but I've simply been unable to do more than the bare essentials. I've washed dishes every day, swept, vacuumed, and mopped all the floors and made up all the beds. The house is clean! Read some blogs a month ago and you'll see what I mean.

A couple of days ago, I managed to write 308 words on All That's Holy. I felt energized and excited. It wasn't much and it wasn't earth-shaking, actually more fixing some areas and adding in, but it was such a relief to write something on one of the novels.

I've dropped the D3 back to 10,000 units this week and will see how I feel. I see my doctor tomorrow and I don't know how he'll react to this but whatever.

I'm about to do some writing now and will stop this post here. I hope you're writing, too. Pay attention to your body, particularly if you have an autoimmune disease. Research medical research and treatments. Look for new data on trials and tests. Take care of yourself and when you tired, rest. Just don't sleep 12 hours a day.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Selective Reading

Sarah and I had a conversation on the way home from school today. I always find these so entertaining and enlightening.

We've had a lot of rain in the last few weeks. Last weekend our street was flooded and, while we are above the flood zone, our neighbors are not. We didn't have to leave the house but several of them had to move their cars to higher ground. 

Today we had misting rain and Sarah noted that, like me, she loves rain. However, she said that she wasn't happy with the flooding issues. 

She commented, "I thought God said he wouldn't flood anything anymore?"

I said, "That's not exactly what he said."

"In the Bible it says he wouldn't make it flood anymore," she said.

"No, he said that he wouldn't destroy the world by flood anymore," I said.


I added, "The next time he'll do it by fire."


"The Bible says that the next time God will destroy the world by fire."

Long pause and then she said in a strained voice, "And that's why I don't read some chapters in the Bible."


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