Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Challenge #49: A Valentine's Day Challenge

The Scene:

Write a love scene between characters of your choice. You can decide how much sexual content you want since no one will read it but you.

The Rules:

1. No graphic sexual description. i.e. no blow by blow details. Make it romantic and sexy without drawing a picture. Behavior, dialogue, scene can create sexual tension without explicit details. It is a given that grown ups will read it and most of us know the "drill".

2. Use any POV you choose but you may find it easier if you do 1st person.

3. Yeah, it's difficult. That's the point. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Good Advice

I got a newsletter from writer, Randy Ingermanson, with an interesting article. I won't put the whole thing in here. I haven't even read it all. I did read the headings, however, and found that they probably summed up the whole thing. I'm sharing them, with a tip of the hat to Mr. Ingermanson. You can visit his site here:  http://www.ingermanson.com/index.php He has some interesting stuff on his site. Mr. Ingermanson has a PHD in physics so he's no idiot. I found his site years ago and even downloaded a free novel. It was good. He knows his stuff.

In light of my personal challenge, WRoE, I found this surprising.

"Tactics of a Winning Novelist". by Randy Ingermanson
1. Write on a consistent schedule.
2  Keep a log of your writing time and word count.
3. Give yourself a weekly quota.
4. Find a critique group or critique buddy.
5. Constantly study the craft of fiction.

No, go read my Writer's Rules of Engagement.....I'm pretty smart!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Challenge #48

The Scene
A stage magician discovers that he or she is actually doing magic. 

The Rules
1. Write 500 Wds.

2. Use 1st person

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