Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Still Writing

I started with the best of intentions. Really. My goal was 30K and I knew I could do it. Then, the RA decided to kick my ... I went into a flare. Actually, I've been in a flare for nearly two years with a brief break last summer. At the moment, things are calming down a bit but I fear it is too little too late. 

I'm not going into all the deadly depressing, boring detail here. If you interested in suffering with me, dash over to Life on the Ledge. It is aptly named. Let me say that I am behind for a reason and move on.

Once I knew I would not make the 30K without a miracle, I reduced it to 25K. My hands were swollen and the joints hurt but I kept plugging away. I couldn't bend my fingers easily and the began having cramps in both hands the beginning of the second week, something I've never had before. I had to send a message to the doctor and keep going.

Finally, after hasty emails, we decided on a plan. My plan was to stop using the computer as much as possible. Work has forced me to do 7 hours a day in data entry for three weeks now and then with Camp that increased to nearly 10 hours typing. Her plan was to increase certain meds. I cut back as much as I could at home and work. And again reduce my word count, this time to 20K. 

I missed a day of work last week and again yesterday. But I had a four day weekend as a result. After four days of no computer work and limited writing, my hands have calmed down. The cramps have stopped. Most of the joints in my hand are now calmer, with the exception of one very painful finger, which is one that gets a lot of action on the keyboard.

At this point, I still want to work on the story and try and finish but I'm not liking the odds and I don't like feeling forced to reduce the word count. I had to do that last year and I hated it. 

The only good news is I'm still writing... but not as much as I'd like. So, I'm down but not out.

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