Monday, February 23, 2015

A Busy Day & A Book Bible

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I was at the desk this morning by 9 and that after getting Sarah ready and off to school, fixing breakfast for me and Mike, getting Mike settled, washing dishes, vacuuming two rooms, and reading my morning devotional.

If you look to your left, you will see how things are progressing. I sat down and created a table to keep track. This way, I don't have to keep posting all that stuff. I got a lot of work done today. I did 10 pages, which is what I have averaged all along, and just over 800 word increase. Some of this was from working on the ending.

I'm in a "this stuff is crap" stage. I've been away from it three weeks and it has had a negative impact. I am moving forward, as you can tell but it really isn't very good. I want to just chuck it and start over but even I know that's crazy. I need to get this first run through done and then start over.

I started creating a Story Bible. Ever since I talked to my writer friend, Molly Daniels, I wanted to do this. I was going to do a hard copy but I've since decided to just organize some folders in Scrivener with the information. I can print it all out later.

I wasn't sure what exactly goes in the Story Bible but I ran across several sites with details on this. I put those on the River City Writers' Blog for others to access. The Story Bible, Book Bible, or Novel Bible contains character sketches, world building details, place details, and outline - anything that you want about the story to give you a source to check for continuity, usage, spelling, etc. Basically, it is a reference book for the story. I just read a few of the blogs and got started on the one for LSR, being mindful that I was killing time.

I'm at the end of the day at last. Now, I'm going to go shower, get PJs on, and I hope go to bed early tonight. I'm really tired.


  1. When I had given some thought to writing, I created a map of the town I had in mind, named the streets, named the characters (I do remember Dean Loomis had a pretty good personality.) A book Bible is a good idea. Go ahead, create a map, too.

  2. I love the support you are getting and that you are getting into a little bit of a routine. I always think if you can organize your work you are better off.


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