Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Today's Tally Ho

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Another day of writing. I got a late start today. I was up on time as usual and ready to start at 9 a.m. but I got so sleepy all of the sudden. I lay down on the sofa in the den on the DNS (Designated Nap Sofa) and passed out. A call from my aunt woke me but even then it was a while before I could actually get motivated.

I didn't get started until around noon but the good news is I managed to get +900 words, all of it on the ending, which sucks, too. I mentioned yesterday that I'm in "this sucks" phase again. Nothing has changed. I know it doesn't all suck but I can't tell you where it sucks at this point. And now I have this anthology the group is doing.


I don't know if I mentioned it. I probably have but if not, you can read all about it on the River City Writers' blog. The deadline for that is July 31st. Good thing... the deadline for Long Summer Run is April 21. Can I write the short story between April 21 and July 31? Maybe. Probably. Yes. I can write it.

Really, everything just stinks right now. Writing wise, I  mean. Am I the only writer this happens to or is it common to all writers?

For now, I'm hitting the shower and getting ready for bed. It is only 6 p.m. but last night I was wiped out by 10 and still exhausted when I got up. The positive... pain levels are a bit lower at the moment. Of course, I'm still on Prednisone but I think today was the last day. I think the credit may go to my electric blanket, which I thought had stopped working last winter. I've used a small electric throw but I decided to get my blanket out and see if it was non-functional. It worked. So, I put it on the bed and started using it several days ago and I notice the last two mornings I've had much less joint pain. Sarah is using the throw. Mike used it over the weekend.

Of course it is always something. I appear to have a sinus infection again. I get cold sores inside my nose, rather than my mouth. No, that's not an improvement. You can't put just anything in your nose and not much really helps them there. Mike and I have been sneezing all day. So, I suspect we have some upper respiratory issues.

I'm itching to write some more but I'm sticking with pacing myself. I don't want to get too discouraged and I don't want to burn out by spending hours on the story. I've done that before. Working on the ending is a bit different. I've never been there before. And I think it isn't very good but I keep saying 1st draft, 1st draft, 1st draft.

I'm so thankful for my writers' group for how much they encourage me. They are super awesome.

Must pass congratulations along to my friend and group member, Amanda Hard. She's featured in a couple of places this month. Women in Horror & Horror Tree. Amanda's blog is here: Horror the Hard Way Stop by and congratulate her.

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