Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Update

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No witty title today. I've been sick most of the weekend. Yesterday was a total washout. I did nothing all day but lie around. I thought when I went to bed Friday night I could get up early on Saturday and do some writing. Sarah was out for the weekend and so there'd be little to interfere. Wrong.

I woke at 6:30 in raging pain. I had a horrible headache and pain in my neck, probably the cause of the headache. After I took my meds for RA, I got terribly sick on top of the headache. I lay down at 9 a.m., the usual start time of my weekday writing schedule, and slept for the next three hours. I was only slightly better when I woke. Still felt sick, still had a moderately bad headache, and my neck was a little better, my hands weren't hurting and that was odd.

The rest of the day I just lay around. Nothing done, not even laundry, which is growing. At least the piles that are growing are clean. I did dishes out of necessity. I hate the sight and smell of dirty dishes. Mike was having a bad day, too, and slept most of it.

I felt better around 6 p.m. and had a better evening but I spent it watching t.v. with Mike. I simply hadn't the brains for anything else. I went to be at 12:30 because I'd slept so much Saturday morning! I woke at 6:30 this morning, in less pain but my hands hurt. I fixed breakfast for us today and sat down and started to work on my novel.

The new word count is to the left. Today, in a couple of hours, I've done over 1700 words. At least, that is what Scrivener says. An app on my phone says it is just over 1060. Either way, that's good but I don't know if the writing is good. I'm still working on the end of the story. I haven't finished all the edits. I stopped on page 76 of the printed matter, which ends on page 147. You can do the math.

I have to stop for a bit and take a break. I need to run to the store. I still do not feel at all well. The brain fog, which has been conspicuously absent of late, is back in full force. Still, I have pushed through it a bit today. That may be why the writing feels awful. I just don't care.

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  1. I think you already said that Mike's accident triggered all this. I know that it will settle down but that is small comfort when you are in pain.

    Proud of you for continuing to write. I haven't written anything, just the blog.


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