Monday, March 16, 2015


It wasn't far to the shore and didn't require swimming, just a short stroll. Her companions had jumped out ahead of her and raced through the surf, disappearing into the trees before she had even pulled off her sandals. She shoved two bottles of water into her pack from the cooler and a bottle of bug repellent.

Flinging her sandals and backpack over her shoulder, she stepped out of the boat and into the knee-deep, warm, blue water and waded toward the beach, pulling the boat along behind her until it was securely beached in the sand. She turned back to pull the heavy anchor out and drop it in the sand.

She couldn't hear the shouting and laughing of her friends now and assumed they were deep into the surrounding jungle. It wasn't a very big island, so they couldn't go far. The staff at the resort on the larger island where they were staying said it was deserted and no one ever came here except to swim. There was nothing to do here so it held little attraction for the resort guest.

It didn't matter that they left her alone. It was nothing new. Generally when there was a party she ended up near the door, watching everyone else dance. Dropping her gear, she spread her towel out on the sand and stretched out, sighing. She was already slathered in lotion and now she just wanted to soak up the sun in peace and quiet. 

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