Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Bad Day's Work

I've been working today on the Anthology short story. My first draft is due July 31, which is plenty of time to finish a short story. Unless you suffer from pain in your hands, chronic fatigue, and brain fog. Then you may become a bit pressed for time.

I've had very little hand pain for a couple of weeks but today it is pretty horrendous. I've managed to gain about 300 words today, but I need another 1000 to really feel comfortable. I can't keep slacking on this thing or it isn't going to get done. Yes, I'm stressing about it. I don't' think the story is that good at all, but you work with what you're given.

I'm sending a notice to my doctor today about the pain. None of the medicines are working except the prednisone and I can't take that all the time. I've had five courses in the last year. That's bad.

Still, I'm just happy to get any writing done, even bad writing. There has to be something good in there somewhere. Besides, if I can write 50,000 words in 30 days I surely can write 10,000 in 60... right?

Anthology Short Story: A Killer Scoop

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  1. I know about prednisone from a distance - at David's diagnosis, they gave him that and steroids. Horrible side affects - not that what he's taking now is any better. Seems as though whatever can cure you can kill you before it does, only there's no proof it does. Sorry - I should be writing uplifting stuff. Sometimes that's hard. You are wrapped in virtual hugs.


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