Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Good Day To Write

Progress for A Killer Scoop

Today was the River City Writers' Stress Buster Luncheon and I am so glad I went. I've had a rough week physically. The weather just crushed me. Yesterday I told someone I felt like a truck had fallen on me and I was still beneath it. My body hurt everywhere: joints, muscle, skin, bones, and emotionally I was drained. I haven't written in days and it was beginning to upset me.

After an hour sitting with some of my special friends I felt energized and was able to come back to the computer with a refreshed sense of purpose. I've done 500 words. And like that little raisin man above, I need to break now.

What, that's not a lot to you? Well, recently our group came across a list of showing the word count of famous authors. It was liberating for many of us. After seeing the names on that list, my 500 measly words are right on target.

My goal is to restart my writing schedule I began in January that was working so well. Until Mike broke his leg and had to move in it was working really well for me. For now, I'll do what I can and keep plugging away. After all, "If I waited to feel like writing, I'd never write at all." -- Anne Tyler


  1. I just wrote something to a writing prompt after many months. It felt so good. I need to continue.


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