Monday, May 11, 2015

The Impetus of Humiliation

Today I spent some time checking into all the works in progress I have on my computer. Since I reformatted my system they've all been on my backup hard drive. I wanted to make sure I had copied them all to the computer, not just the two I was working on.

I have to tell you. It was depressing in one sense. I should have been writing this morning, even got back on schedule, but I didn't. Once I saw all that work... well, it was a bummer. So, I decided to rub my nose in my failures. Alas, it was also probably another form of procrastination.

To facilitate my public humiliation, I set up a series of counters that will remind me every time I do a blog post of all the novels on my computer that I'm working on and how many are near completion. You will see them to the left. I hope the humiliation will prod me in the right direction.... preferably upward.

I've used Writertopia counters before for NaNoWriMo but not in this way. It was only a means to share how the 50K in 30 Days was progressing. Now everyone can see how ... dare I say it? How lazy I am about writing. There is no sense in this. None. I really should be disgusted with myself. I need to get back on track.

Yes, there have been some extenuating circumstances: an 8 yr old granddaughter who requires a variety of attention, nursing my son and his broken leg and who requires all the attention the 8 yr old does, laundry, meals, and cleaning for three - two of whom are very messy individuals, and my own illness which has been really bad for months. But those should not stop me from writing! I find time to get on Facebook, blog, read email or a book. Surely, I could give up bathing to write! The good news is that Mike returns home on Friday. Sarah leaves for her Dad's on June 8th. The anthology deadline is July 31.

I can do this. Right?

Well, I've got the truth out there for all to see. I've set up my schedule this morning. I'll be working 3 hours a day again, from 9-12, M-F. I'm starting with the Anthology story because the deadline for that is approaching. I've got to get the announcement out on FB and I need several of you to slap me around if you see me falling off. The word counts should climb and if they don't, get out the blackjack.

Writertopia has another type of counter. Look at the menu bar above and find Progress Reports and you can see another version of their counters. They're all free.


  1. Ease up on yourself! Sheesh! You sound like me to myself. 😊

  2. Your frustration is very evident but don't be too hard on yourself - circumstances have been against you recently. It's very easy to procrastinate, I'm an expert. I hope your humiliation plan works.


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