Friday, June 19, 2015

Progress on Several Fronts

If you look below, you could say I'm making progress. I believe you can compare it to previous posts. I update the counters on the sidebar and on the Progress reports but not in posts.

I've been writing off and on for the last few days, working on the short story for the Anthology. Today, I've managed 400 words. I don't know if they're go0d words but I'm halfway to my goal of 8,000. All told, in June, thus far, I've got a net gain of 1000 words. Not great but hey, it is more than nothing. The unfortunate truth is I have to do 4000 more before July 31. That will be a novelty in itself.

In case you wonder about the little raisin in the green recliner, Mike and I are about to go on a binge watch of the last season of Warehouse 13. I never got to see that season and when he said he got it at the library, I told him to bring it over. I will return to writing after that. We're going to drink sodas and eat junk food for a few hours. I can crochet while I do that. Well, I think I can... maybe not. Crunch & Munch is sticky so maybe not.

Mike came over to help me move bedding in prep for doing repairs. I took down all the spare beds and stored them in the middle bedroom. I've packed up nearly all of Sarah's stuff to protect it when I start sanding and painting. So, progress, although slow, is taking place. I just want to be able to do more than a couple of hours work. Like the writing, it is just not going fast enough!

Our next step is to take down curtains and seal up vents and the closet. I don't want to have all that plaster dust going everywhere when I start sanding. Once that is done, we can start the real work. I'm limiting it to 4 hours a day because my body won't do more and still function the next day. I've lost too much muscle mass. I think that is why I'm tired a lot, too. It makes sense to me.

During all this, the writing must continue or I won't finish. . . {sigh} I need more hands. I need more muscle. Sarah is right. I need a nice, handsome man with blue eyes. And muscles would help a lot.

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