Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Seven Year Itch

It all began Sunday. Well, actually, it began in 2006 but never mind. NaNoWriMo began Sunday! To tell you the truth, I wasn't excited. Really, I wasn't. If you notice, I haven't hyped it on my blogs this year. Usually, I start months in advance harping on it. This year? Not so much.

I've been sick with one thing after another. I know people probably get tired of hearing about it and begin to think I'm a hypochondriac. Let me just assure you, I've been really sick. So, NaNo was not looking good.

But I'm the ML. I have to be excited and eager to get started. I have to rally the troops and lead the charge. I have to drive my steed alongside the pack, poking and prodding and cheering them on to victory!

Dude, I really was sick!

Anyway, Saturday was our Kick-off. Me? I'm in the midst of my 3rd severe cold since August and battling some problem with severe fatigue for nearly six months. So,I hadn't prepared the way I did in previous years. The party started at noon and by noon, I needed a nap in the worst way.

On top of that, half a dozen of my staunchest Wrimos either moved away or were not participating. I was not thrilled. Since it was Halloween everyone was invited to come in costume. I became the Novel doctor and wore a hospital mask . . . to avoid further contamination. I thought it was original.

Thank goodness for my faithful Co-ML! She went above and beyond this year and the results was a really well put together Kick-off party.She brought candy, I brought donuts, and the library provided coffee and hot water for cocoa. We had a drawing early one and there were enough gifts for every person. In my sluggish, cold wracked brain I also forgot what makes NaNoWriMo its most awesome. We had half a dozen new folks show up that are just full of awesomeness.

Others decided to come in costume. We even had....
Yes, a clown. Wayne came as a clown. He said he was sure that he scared people off when they looked in the door. I don't think that is true at all. He was not an intimidating clown and is a really nice person.

Of course, some folks felt it important to be mature about the whole thing...

Gary and Cecile were our resident adults. Cecile was a great help with the powerpoint presentation Tammy gave, so it was a really good thing he was there. He is another new WriMo and Gary... well, he is secretly a funny guy. Get him in the Online Write-in and he'll have our Timmy Bot throwing refrigerators at you in no time.

No event is ever complete without a Zombie. Sam filled that void and Carley sat with him so he didn't feel like we were avoiding him.

I think the whole thing was a raging success. A few others filtered in later in the afternoon but by then, I had become a bit less organized and forgot to take other photos.

I missed my old NaNo crew terribly but this year's crop are just as awesome and I really enjoyed meeting them.

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  1. How fun! I remember when you had almost no one at these things!

    Sorry about your cold though. Hope you are feeling better.


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