Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Pain, A Migraine, and Rain

It has been a truly horrible day. In fact, I've had a horrible week. My RA has beaten me up. Today it stormed and I was assaulted with a migraine and joint pain all over. Moving hurt and when I stood up, my feet would crack. Sarah even heard them and commented.

I've made plans to start a writing schedule but I keep getting these road blocks that circumvent my intentions. I still have to finish my windows in my bedroom and the trim. Until I'm feeling better, that's impossible. I also have a disaster in my den, where I write. All the stuff I've been clearing out since the bedroom project has, once again, landed in the den. Junk is everywhere. I'm getting better at getting rid of stuff, however. I have even decided to get rid of some small nick-nacks. I just want to get rid of all the stuff and fluff. I feel buried.

I've moved things in the living room and nearly killed myself in the process but some things are better. I have to paint this room soon. It is really bad. But what color? And what to do about the drapes? There is nothing that goes with navy blue but yellow. Believe me, I've tried. I could go stark white. It will be a real change for me.

Now, I just want to get the den emptied, get my desk organized and write. I did clean the desk today. Had to. Bills were piling up. They're mostly paid now but I still have statements to do. Aaaaaiiiiieeeee! I hate the financial side of living.

The problem is that I have to work in small spurts. I worked all day Saturday in the living room and I'm still paying the price today. Of course, I got a lot done but it cost me 4 days. I used all my spoons up. And my reserves.

My goal this week is to clear out the den. I've done some small stuff today as I passed through the room. I've printed off a novel no one has heard of in years. I realized I only need about 8 chapters to finish the first draft. Thanks to Alice for bringing it up. The ending was written a long time ago. I can do this and I'll have a hideously horrible +80K word draft. I don't even know if it is possible to make it work but it is a whole story. Alice keeps prodding me about it about once a year. So, I've notified her she has to be ready for feedback and brainstorming and editing.

One thing of note, as I read over some of the "story that shall remain nameless" I realized how much I've grown as a writer since I started it 9 years ago. In four chapters I was able to peg passive voice, incorrect usage, shifts in POV, and spelling errors in a snap. It was quite encouraging. I know what I'm doing now.

Now if I can just do it.


  1. I have not written anything since June. Nothing but FB posts. So frustrating.

    1. I've written bits and pieces here and there. I can't stay well enough, long enough to focus. It is horrible.

  2. It's sad. I never write anymore and I cannot tell you the last time that I finished a book.

    I hope that you get better.


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