Thursday, November 17, 2016

Get Well Soon!

I suspect by now you can tell that for me, NaNoWriMo is a wash. Yes, we're only halfway, just a bit more than but let's face it, writing 45K words in 15 days is only for times of extreme necessity.

This ain't the time.

I'm slowly recovering from my plague (severe cold). I've thought a few times that I was going to cough up a lung. For several days now, my head felt as if it would explode when I coughed. My chest hurt. My sides hurt. I couldn't breathe because it felt like my lungs were covered in Saran Wrap(c). I couldn't even use my CPAP machine to sleep. I wanted to sleep, all day, every day.

Life doesn't stop just because you can't function. You pull up your bootstraps and keep marching.

So, I did.

Today things are mildly better. The Azithromycin seems to be working. I'm coughing less and the congestion seems a bit better. It is a beautiful day outside and I wish I had felt like going out. I almost feel like writing but I'm just so tired that I want to lie down instead.

I think I'll just go away for a bit and try to get some rest before tonight's online write-in.

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  1. Along with that az-stuff, my PCP gives me some wonderful purple cough syrup with codeine and I've always survived. Lessens the pain, makes the cough productive. If you aren't better by Monday I'll send you its compound name. Still hoping prayers work!!


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