Friday, March 3, 2017

World Writer's Day

Originally I posted this yesterday and realized I had the date wrong! So, I've corrected it.

What are you doing on this World Writer's Day? Are you writing? Thinking about it? Or are you chucking the whole thing and going to the Bahamas?

I'd like the Bahamas.

I'm on my 4th cold of the last 6 months and coughing my lungs up. I do think this cold is less harsh than the previous ones but it could get worse.

As a result of my illness these last several months, I've written no more than 1500 words and most of that was since January. January was a good month. I had some Acyclovir and the bug cleared out in days. They won't give it to me again so I'm sick again. I so miss my old doctor.

I've been really busy with so many doctor's appointments that I can't get organized. And my sleep apnea mask is giving me problems so that my sleep is disrupted. I've been so tired for several weeks now that I can't think well. I was nervous about driving yesterday because I was so sleepy I was concerned I'd have an accident. I didn't but it was difficult to deal with the fatigue.

So, that's my list of excuses this week. I do hope you'll take some time to feed your muse today and write 300 words. I plan on doing just that.

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