Tuesday, April 18, 2017

All The Ways To Procrastinate... That I Know

It is one of those days where I scheduled writing time and with good intentions, sat down in front of my computer. I really did intend to work on the novel. Really. I showered and had breakfast and read my Bible and was ready to go. 

9:00 a.m. I sat down to write. No, seriously, I did.
I checked my email. 
I checked Facebook.
I remembered I needed to take my meds.
I had to text Sarah's teacher.
I had to get something cold to drink.
I stopped to take my Humira shot. Ouch. The stomach is less painful than the leg, by the way.
Sarah's Mom replied to my text with several texts of her own.
I shopped on Amazon. I'll put the order in tonight.
I posted to Facebook.
Sarah's teacher replied to my text. 
I checked Goodreads and updated some stuff.
Mike came in and we talked and he kicked back in the recliner... for an hour. 
I checked email. 
I checked Facebook. 
I decided to write this post. 
I remembered that I need to call ChampVA about an insurance issue. That's probably a half hour wait time. 
I created the artwork for this post.

Now, I have a headache. Probably from looking at the screen so much.I probably should take something and lie down. I also need to finish putting away a load of laundry so I can wash the next load. And I have dirty dishes in the sink. The lawn needs mowing but I'll save that for later in the week  . . . when I need something to divert me. That's a two-hour job. 

I wonder what to prepare for supper?

Oh, I should probably work on the novel sometime.

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