I'm Cynthia I. Maddox and I am a writer. This is my blog about the struggles I face as I try to write and deal with the chronic pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Friends call me either Cindy or Dixie, depending on where we met. 

For me, life began in S. Alabama where I studied and developed a southern accent and learned to make real banana pudding and soft, buttery grits. 

I was the oldest of 7 children But I was raised by grandparents and dogs. My favorite pastime was climbing trees and playing with the boys because girls were boring. 

In 1974, at age 17, I married the nicest guy, a small town man named Jerry. At 21 and for the next 15 yrs, I became a military wife, became a mother at 22, and lived in two European countries and five states. By 1978 we had moved more than 100 times.

I became a full-time student at 33 while raising two boys and finished college at 38 as a history major. In the middle of all that, we left the military life behind in 1990. My adult life began at 42 as a government employee prying into other people's business on a daily basis.  

At 50, I became a grandma, the greatest job in the world! In 2009, that nice guy I married died after 35 years of marriage. I retired in 2014 when my own health worsened.

I began participating National Novel Writing Month (NaNOWriMO) in 2006. I've "won" seven years as of 2016. In 2011 I became the Municipal Liaison for my region. 

In 2017, my writing group, The River City Writers published our first anthology. I have two stories in that and you can purchase a copy of the anthology on the home page.

I've had a great time, met some wonderful people, and experienced so many amazing things. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not to mention, my life thus far has provided me with a vast knowledge of all Trivial Pursuit answers. 


  1. Yes, ma'am - this is a an excellent introduction page! So hard to believe we met nine years ago. I do enjoy reading what you write.


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