Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Real Gift of Love

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Most of my family know I'm a writer. They'd have to be pretty stupid not to know. I've been writing since I was 11. They accept my little hobby. They compliment my talent. They read my blogs and they keep nagging  me with "Well, when are you going to get something published?" It is a valid question. Never mind the blogs they read are published.

Before my health problems I wrote more frequently and a lot more prolifically but I wasn't driven to get something of real interest to the public in print. I just loved to write. Now, my thoughts are moving more in that direction. Publish a real book? Why not. Of course, at the same time, two diseases attacked me. Ah well, what doesn't kill you..... Actually, it can make you pretty miserable.

My friends, both off and online friends, know I write and they too encourage me to finish something and publish. They've all read some of my works so I guess it must be entertaining to some degree.

Today I was cruising around online and ran across a post about gifts for writers, 22 Gifts for Writers. It occurred to me that no one has ever bought me a gift specifically for a writer. Really. I've bought writer things for myself, like Scrivener writing software, but no one else has. My late husband and I mostly bought for our children because money was tight. So, despite being a writer I never received a writer themed gift.

I have friends who are writers and I decided that I could do a great service to other writers, maybe even my friends. If you are a friend or the family of a writer and are trying to decide what to get them for Christmas, try getting them writer themed items. Believe me, they'll love them and they'll actually use them or display them in prominent places, like mantles their desks, or coffee table. When asked they'll  say, "Oh yes, my sweet aunt Betty gave me that for Christmas!" Or "You know, that uncle Joe is actually a great guy. He gave me this for Christmas. Isn't that the most awesome thing."  It won't matter if cost less that $20, like that Writer's Remedy stuff. Really, they'll be thrilled. While perusing the page I saw several things that look nifty.

A gift designed for the writers in your life... wow, now that's a gift of love.

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