Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Writing Pains

I had great plans for writing this week. Last week really a good week for me physically although I didn't write as much as I wanted. I'm still in the throes of disorder from the ceiling repair and getting rid of the computer desk. So, it has been an unproductive week thus far.

I began it with plans but as usual, chaos dropped by and got me off track. The brakes went out on the car. Finally got those fixed yesterday.

This week has been beautiful, with cooler temperatures and sunny skies. Usually, the rheumatoid arthritis is less bothersome this time of year but I seem to be following the same course I've been on all summer. I've had a lot of pain in my hands and my neck and back have been troubling me. I finally put on a patch last night to help my neck. I had to get up and put Pennsaid solution on my hands so I could sleep. They hurt terribly and I could tell the joints in my palms were swelled. This is actually the back side of your knuckles, but you don't usually notice them... unless you're typing or holding a book.

I'd like to find solutions or work out a plan of action that would get me writing more with less pain. I often end writing sessions with neck, back, shoulder, and hand pain higher than when I started. This has a blocking effect on me and triggers avoidance. I don't want to write when my neck hurts, or my hands, or my back because, by the time I'm done I'm so bad that my sleep is affected, which in turn, increases pain levels. So, very little writing is accomplished.

I spent most of yesterday unpacking things that I packed up when I got rid of the computer desk. I don't actually have a lot of places to put the stuff and am going to look for something to replace the storage, something far smaller than that desk. I've already tossed a lot of things, so that helps, too.

I've also been reading a couple of books, one loaned to me by a friend titled Writing the Fiction Series by Karen Wiesner. It is really a good book and it isn't heavy as some of the writing books I've read. The information is clear and concise. There are several appendices in the back so the book itself isn't very long. I'm nearly through with it. I tried to read a couple of other books. I'm usually reading three or four at a time these days. One is Fiction Writer's Workshop by Josip Navakovich. I'm going to order this book. It seems really good but not a book you can sit and do in a few days. There are lots of exercise and information that needs digesting.  I got this at the library and it has to go back now, so I'm going to buy my own copy.

I know that my greatest problem is making myself write when I'm having a lot of pain. Focus and fatigue is a problem when I'm in a flare. I've been in this particular flare for over a year and so, I've had more problems with focusing and fatigue. From May through July I was forced to take naps for up to two hours a day in addition to sleeping 6-7 hours a night.  I couldn't do anything worthwhile. Reading, writing, and pretty much anything that required me to think was impossible most days. That has gotten better.

This morning I was up at 5:30 thanks to Sarah. She has a bad dream and woke me up. She went back to sleep. I did not. So I got up at six and had coffee until time to get her up. Afer she went to school I finished unpacking a box and sorting through some photos I plan to scan for family.

Now, I'm going to consider what I want to do the rest of the day. I need a  nap and it is just 10 a.m.! The yard must be cut and it looks as if it might rain. I have some stuff to write down before I forget it. I need to work on putting laundry away. Good grief, the laundry never stops!

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  1. But you did get some rest and you did get some writing in the next day. Remember that when you're feeling down.


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